March 3, 2015 Carolina Pro

Ad Monetization

Increase your revenue with VUBIQUITY’s Ad Monetization service. Using Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), VUBIQUITY enables content providers and service providers to quickly and easily switch out, delete, or insert ads into on demand programs at any point during the asset’s life on the VOD platform. This is especially useful for content providers who actively manage their C3 content strategy.


Content editing and marking to prepare the asset for ad monetization

Placement opportunity creation and management

Content information service enables split-second decisions to be made on which ad to insert based on content metadata values


Eliminates the need to re-process VOD assets for day 4 (D4)

Ad campaigns can be more flexible and triggered by various criteria

Time shifted TV viewing is growing and VUBIQUITY’s ad monetization service is a great way to capture more revenue