March 27, 2017 Carolina Pro


Maximize your ratings and revenue with our fast and accurate Live-to-VOD delivery service. We create video-on-demand files from content owners and programmers live linear streams in near-real time and syndicate these files in multiple formats to multiple online destinations and MVPDs. It’s accurate delivery you can count on to boost your ad revenue, trusted by major networks. Accelerate your TV Everywhere distribution and enable fast-turn C3/C7, Catchup TV or day-after-air VOD to maximize advertising dollars. Streamline workflows and simplify monetization efforts with VUBIQUITY’s Live-to-VOD solution.



Optimize the Nielsen C3/C7 monetization window

Enable Catchup TV or day-after VOD

Increase ad revenue

Eliminate file-based workflows


Supports mezzanine distribution for the highest quality content and to meet large video distributor requirements

Supports DAI/Canoe workflows

VUBIQUITY has the only platform that reaches ALL North American VOD enabled Video Distributors

Flexibility – make adjustments to schedules in real time