May 16, 2016 Carolina Pro

OTT Subscription Gaming

VUBIQUITY is the exclusive worldwide reseller for Utomik, the “unlimited gaming” monthly OTT subscription service for PC gaming. Broadband providers can now offer subscribers instant access to hundreds of games. It’s easy to launch, requires no investment or operational dependencies and your subscribers will love it. Unlike other subscription gaming services, Utomik’s one click technology means games download quickly so users can start playing almost immediately. With an ever-growing library, there are always amazing new games to discover. Utomik is leading the industry into a new era of subscription gaming, which means your customers can now access their favorite games as easily as TV shows and music.


Bundle with broadband packages or offer “a la carte” to subscribers

Reduce customer churn with unlimited gaming

Bolster revenue with new content offering

Tap into the gaming market – 155 million people play video games regularly!


Instant access to a huge library of games from top publishers

Super fast and easy “1 click play” technology

Weekly fresh new games in many genres

Compatible with Windows PC/Laptop on Windows 7 and higher