January 3, 2017 Nam Nguyen


(Originally Published by Home Media Magazine)

VUBIQUITY connects content owners and video providers to deliver entertainment to viewers on any screen. With more content and more ways to consume content than ever before, the company is right in the middle, making programming easier and faster to deliver and ultimately watch.

Working with nearly 650 leading film studios, television networks, independent producers and online creators, VUBIQUITY brings premium content to more than a thousand global video distributors spanning 109 million households. That reach — to more than 120 countries in more than 80 languages — makes VUBIQUITY the premiere global provider for content companies worldwide, with a digital library that includes hundreds of thousands of movies, TV shows and online content with promotional assets.

This library makes VUBIQUITY an advantageous partner for video distributors looking to add more content, or to new entrants to the marketplace looking to customize a new video solution and appeal to a new market.

As an example, in 2016 Vubiquity supported a one-time launch of an MVPD (multichannel video programming distributor), delivering more than 150,000 assets in less than four months for multiple business models, including VOD, EST, SVOD and free VOD from popular cable networks. This endeavor was supported by the company’s most recent acquisitions, including a Digital End to End (DETE) technology and preferred digital distribution arm Juice Worldwide, which has positioned Vubiquity to be the world’s leading premium content distributor (by the numbers) delivering more content than any other company to the cable, satellite, telco, wireless, mobile and OTT platforms worldwide.

Next-generation formats, including 4K UHD and VR, are currently part of VUBIQUITY’s portfolio, with testing and rollouts around the world. As soon as these new formats make their way to the marketplace, VUBIQUITY is ready to provide them to customers — keeping them ahead of today’s steep technology curve.

VUBIQUITY has brought a multitude of new content owners to the over-the-top (OTT) market, giving them a new outlet for programming that would have once have gone straight to broadcast or cable. With more distributors available, producers have more opportunities and choices for delivering their content. OTT services are prioritizing original and exclusive content to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. The lines are blurred as digital channels are making traditional TV deals, and TV content is going OTT.

“I believe the most successful companies will remain strategically focused on not only investing in premium content, but also expanding offerings to all screens,” said VUBIQUITY CEO Darcy Antonellis. “For distributors, understanding consumer habits — and the underlying demographic shifts driving these habits — will help ensure the content industry keeps pace with the rapid developments in technology and makes the most of the new mobile opportunities. For content owners and producers, continuing to seek new and innovative means to harness iconic brands, top talent and original content to reach multiscreen environments will not only help gain new audiences but also complement their current offerings.”

Privately held VUBIQUITY has offices in Los Angeles, Toronto and London. For the latest company news, follow the company on Twitter @Vubiquity.