November 9, 2016 Nam Nguyen


November 9, 2016
(Originally published by Advanced Television)

Premium content services provider VUBIQUITY has become a member of the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), the professional media industry’s business change network representing members from the entire digital supply chain. The DPP provides media organisations with a forum to work together to define standards and help bring about a fully digital, global, Internet-enabled TV supply chain.

VUBIQUITY intends to contribute collaboratively to the discussions and consultations taking place within DPP, leveraging its decades of experience in content licensing, processing and delivery. As members, VUBIQUITY will use its global expertise to participate with broadcasters, content owners and distributors to adapt to digital transformation and meet the needs of an increasingly complex digital marketplace.

The DPP is a membership organisation owned by UK broadcasters the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4. Its members include companies, institutions, and not-for-profit organisations from across the television supply chain. It provides leadership on topics such as connectivity and metadata requirements for digitalisation of the TV supply chain; technical standards, protocols, and delivery specifications; and digital production.

VUBIQUITY has a long track record of helping content owners digitise their assets and delivery channels. Through its facility in London, it already manages more than 385,000 digital assets every year; works across 13 core languages for metadata management and localisation; and delivers content to more than 28 million households across 28 countries.

VUBIQUITY helps operators and distributors navigate the shift to digital, and depending on the company’s requirements, can manage content licensing, processing, metadata management, localisation, distribution, and delivery, as well as provide a fully multi-platform white-label front end platform which supports personalisation, offline viewing, and all content monetisation models.

Adam Poulter, Managing Director of VUBIQUITY International, said: “Vubiquity is delighted and proud to be joining the DPP to work collaboratively with leaders across the media supply chain, including broadcasters, to collectively address today and tomorrow’s media industry challenges and ensure we all fully realise the commercial opportunities that new distribution technology presents.”

Mark Harrison, Managing Director of the Digital Production Partnership, said: “The DPP is extremely pleased to welcome Vubiquity as a DPP Member. We are sure that, with their rich background in VoD delivery and content services, they will provide critical insight into our key areas of activity for 2017, including content data, IP and connectivity, all of which are hot topics across the industry. By joining the DPP they have shown their commitment to actively helping shape the future of the media landscape.”