March 27, 2015 Carolina Pro
Are you a video distributor looking to license a library of premium content? COREVU has you covered. VUBIQUITY works with all the major studios and countless independents to offer a huge movie library and the hottest new releases to hundreds of video distributors. Whether you want to sell subscription video on demand (SVOD), offer movies free on demand (FOD) or transactional video on demand (TVOD), we can help with your content licensing and digital media delivery needs. COREVU’s movie on demand service includes content licensing and aggregation, metadata creation, encoding, media transcoding, distribution, asset management, marketing and 24-hour customer technical support.



End-to-end service articulation, driven through standards-based metadata seeding, and round-trip reconciliation for delivery status, royalty settlements and reporting

Self-service Administrative Console for real-time content management, wholesale to retail price management

More than 17,000 hours of content available each month from over 630 providers including Hollywood studios

Programming available in MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (H.264), ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate), SD, HD, 3D, and Mezzanine


One-stop content and technology solution for your VOD needs

Comprehensive and centralized customer care

Industry-leading marketing support that helps you drive more revenue