March 27, 2015 Carolina Pro
NETVU offers content providers video on demand and digital distribution to over 1075 video distributors.  Utilizing our AnyVU® Content Cloud platform, NETVU provides the benefit of shared-asset reuse, maximizing your cost savings. NETVU is an end-to-end premium-content video management system that includes standards-based yet flexible content ingest, seamless and automated workflows, custom business rules articulation, and high quality egress files to aid you in service differentiation.




Documented and friction-less on-boarding

Content Provider management and collaborative promotions development

End-to-end service articulation and round-trip reconciliation for delivery status, usage analytics and reporting


Extensive distribution network to over 1075 Video Distributors

Administrative console access for real-time content management, wholesale to retail price management, consumption analytics and comparative insights

C3 content SLA availability in under 6 hours, with most content delivered in under 2 hours

Flexible ingest formats, with high-quality outputs, including certified Mezzanine delivery to Comcast and 4K