Content Strategy & Licensing

A deep understanding of the global content ecosystem

We are a market-leading content licensing, aggregation, and distribution business. We work with all major Hollywood studios and an impressive network of content owners in and from locales around the world.

We deliver content at scale globally, in many languages, to all screens, devices and platforms. We offer unparalleled speed-to-market for those launching new content services or augmenting existing platforms.

We collaborate with video service providers to develop content strategies tailored to their local market, and directly aligned with the profiles of their consumers. 

We curate relevant digital content bundles that can include locally produced movies and series, e-sports, gaming, etc.

We drive all business models for revenue optimization, including Rental and Ownership (EST, TVOD, Premium VOD), Subscription (SVOD), Free or Ad-Supported (FVOD, AVOD), and Linear (FAST).

We have extensive experience managing licensing rights, avails management, royalty reconciliation, media authorization, curation strategy, and more.

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