DPP: The Future of Localisation

There has been a dramatic rise in the demand for content to be localised for different markets and languages. International streaming service launches have created demand from content owners, while audiences have developed a growing appetite for content from other countries and cultures.

As a result, specialist localisation companies are going through a boom, yet still they are struggling to meet the demand. There has not always been enough throughput or enough specialist talent to keep up.

Media companies need more content localisation, created faster, without dramatically increased costs. And in a world where bad translations become TikTok memes overnight, they cannot afford to lower quality.

Machine learning might be the great hope. Technologies like automated transcription and even synthetic voices are becoming mainstream, while a new generation of generative AI has made headlines in recent months.

So are we on the brink of an automated localisation revolution?

The DPP has spoken with more than 50 experts from content creators, streaming platforms, localisation service providers, and technology vendors, to find out.

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