Library Clean-Up

Turn your stagnant content library into potential revenue opportunities.

Are you leaving money on the table by not monetizing stagnant content libraries?

Vubiquity’s Emmy® award-winning library clean-up service will help you establish a single source of truth catalog, consolidate title sources and restore inactive libraries, accelerating your ability to identify, license and deliver archive content. We provide end-to-end project management, including research, planning and final delivery. Our state-of-the-art technology and automation take care of asset aggregation, tiered media and metadata clean-up and reconciliation.

For companies with disparate content libraries that have grown organically over the years, or through M&A activity, across multiple storage locations, monetizing archived content has become a headache. Vubiquity’s innovative mastering automation cost-effectively analyzes asset properties, including metadata, video versions, audio tracks and more. It will help you resurrect a dormant library through remastering and normalization, so you can monetize every single asset in your catalog.

Reduce operating costs and improve turnaround time with our content normalization tools. Vubiquity’s world-class technology solutions leverage GenAI tools to automate object detection, conformance, comparative quality control, file renaming, metadata logging, frame error detection, and more. Eliminate repetitive manual tasks and free up your talent to work on higher value tasks, while expediting sales and delivery of your existing content.

From follow-the-sun media operations to AI-driven metadata enhancement, Vubiquity’s library clean-up services eliminate duplicate titles and reduce unnecessary costs from asset storage and metadata translation. Whether as a fully managed service or as part of an exception management project, our customers have realized significant productivity increases, and millions of dollars in annual savings.

Vubiquity’s library clean-up services leverage the Vubiquity Media Suite – a full range of flexible, modular components underpinned by advanced technology and AI, including simplified order management integration and reporting dashboards to monitor your titles.