Consumer Experiences

Delight your audience with impactful content experiences across any screen.

In a crowded market, standing out from your competitors through exceptional viewer touchpoints is key to staying profitable. Vubiquity’s consumer experiences maximize the value of your content and provide seamless super-aggregation of third-party content and subscription services. Our Experience Management Interface (EMI) empowers you to design the user journey through unique smart TV, mobile, STB and web offerings for exceptional audience engagement.

It’s time to wow your audiences and stay ahead of your competition: partner with Vubiquity to create long-lasting customer experiences. Our best-in-class solutions enable tailored super-aggregation of your content alongside third-party video and game service subscriptions from our marketplace. Leverage our Experience Management Interface to deliver personalized consumer experiences on any screen – all with detailed analytics to optimize strategic planning. At Vubiquity we understand consumer experiences and can help you grow your revenue streams.

Vubiquity’s Experience Management Interface provides real-time control of your users’ experience on smart TV, OTT, STB and web platforms. The solution includes metadata aggregation across global and local OTT services, a curation and monetization engine and support for discovery applications, subscription marketplace and media consumption players. Vubiquity’s experience management solution covers a wide range of viewing devices so your customers enjoy a complete multi-screen experience.

For all content licensed from Vubiquity, customers also get best-in-class marketing and promotional support. Our marketing portal aggregates marketing materials from multiple studios and suppliers, secures approvals and manages logos across all TVOD/EST, FAST and AVOD services. Our experienced teams will help you develop tactical promotions and create tailor-made branded marketing assets including trailers, barker channels, social media and regional campaigns that will further attract and retain subscribers.

Vubiquity’s consumer experience services, including the Experience Management Interface, are part of the Vubiquity Entertainment Suite – a full range of flexible and modular solution services for content, user and subscription management, experience design and service presentation, including reporting dashboards to monitor your service performance.