Constantly improving the quality and consistency of metadata

MetaVU, our cloud-based metadata platform enables our clients to adapt, create and aggregate their metadata using our innovative application. It provides a single point of integration, a significant database of existing metadata, as well as integration into other leading metadata sources (Content Provider, 3rd-party: Gracenote, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, etc.) for seamless data enrichment.

Interaction is facilitated via a powerful user-interface, API’s and bulk downloads and updates via Excel. Catalog extracts can include commingled data from a variety of sources to suit bespoke and industry formats. A range of business rules ensures data meets client specific needs, such as source prioritization, auto-correction, auto-styling, etc.

MetaVU enables multi-source data enrichment and ongoing quality improvement which provides our clients with a quicker time to market and shorter turnaround times for new schedules.

Connected data sources reduce operational expenses, limit re-work across divisions or territories and improve business intelligence.

The better the metadata, the better the consumer experience, the better the ROI. With detailed genres, keywords, and mood categories/tags, our continuously improving metadata delivers more accessible content discovery, more intelligent recommendations, and higher viewer engagement.
Additional media-level metadata integration is available through AssetVU and includes enhanced capabilities, such as Binge Markers for efficient transitions between episodes, Contextual Advertising for AVOD and FAST providers, and Visual Discovery for personalized preview clips and automated thumbnails.

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