MetaVU Title Management

The gold standard for flawless metadata experiences.

Metadata is the cornerstone of your media operations, at the heart of your media supply chain. Consolidate all your title data, including externally sourced and linked sources, into a centralized, intuitive platform that eliminates data silos and takes away the hassle of managing multiple metadata sources. Leverage the power of AI for best-of-breed title metadata enrichment to deliver exceptional, curated audience experiences at scale.

MetaVU is Vubiquity’s own title management software solution that aggregates, enriches, localizes and delivers media and entertainment content metadata at a global scale. The cloud-native SaaS platform works with industry-standard metadata records and streamlines integrations. With seamless output configuration, including over 2,000 existing OTT and cable STB endpoints, MetaVU enables rich consumer experiences while providing you with actionable business insights.

MetaVU was developed as part of the Vubiquity Media Suite: a media services platform used internally at Vubiquity to orchestrate our world-class content processing services, mastering and AI-driven localization. The Media Suite enables media companies to flawlessly package and deliver their content at scale. After years of development and internal use, Vubiquity now offers MetaVU as a SaaS platform for direct use within studio and content distributor operations.

Achieve a faster time to market and shorter turnaround times for new schedules and launches, enabled by MetaVU’s multi-source data enrichment capabilities and ongoing quality improvements. With detailed genres, keywords, and mood categories/tags, our continuously enhanced metadata delivers more accessible content discovery, more intelligent recommendations, and higher viewer engagement. All this with the highest security standards to protect your valuable assets.

Vubiquity’s MetaVU title management platform is part of the Vubiquity Media Suite – a full range of flexible, modular components underpinned by advanced technology and AI, including simplified order management integration and reporting dashboards to monitor your titles.