Game Localization, QA & Staffing

Localized games improve player engagement, revenue, and global market share.

With explosive consumer demand for high-quality video game content, producers and game developers are overwhelmed with the need for quality localization, testing and design services. Creating new game IP, especially on mobile and console, requires that local gamer expectations (including language, art, and story) are considered and delivered at the highest quality to ensure authentic, immersive player experiences across regions. Vubiquity’s Game Localization team meets aggressive timetables and regional needs, with experienced personnel at a cost that works for a wide range of budgets, from independent games to major titles.

To maximize global success, video game localization must involve more than simple translation. Vubiquity works with game developers and producers to help expand their capabilities and accelerate their delivery dates by offering accessibility, localization, and post-production services, including transcription, translation, transcreation, cultural assessment, voiceover and dubbing. Also, we can provide game-specific QA/testing services and staff augmentation for product management, game design, art direction, character & environment design/engineering and original music.

From compliance with international standards for gaming content, such as PEGI or ESRB ratings, to MPAA-approved standards ensuring content security, our audited technology ensures content is only viewed by personnel with approved access. In addition, our advanced technology tools facilitate efficient localization processes, from AI-enhanced workflows to machine learning algorithms which enhance translation accuracy, all while maintaining the quality of the game.

Vubiquity’s team offers Hollywood-level localization experience and technology, capable of localizing assets in 80+ language pairs. We specifically look for talented individuals who are gamers themselves, ensuring we bring the required passion and attention to detail in all projects. Our talent thoroughly understands the game development process and can work directly with a tight-knit development team to translate and transcreate game assets as you go.

Vubiquity’s game localization & services leverage the Vubiquity Media Suite – a full range of flexible, modular components underpinned by advanced technology and AI, including simplified order management integration and reporting dashboards to monitor your titles.