VOD Packaging and Delivery

Industry-leading VOD packaging and delivery services you can trust.

Vubiquity provides a technology-led managed service that includes content processing (artwork, metadata and media), secure transcoding, and packaging and delivery for over 2,000+ OTT and STB (set-top box) endpoints globally. Our robust content platform works across the entire media supply chain, bringing to market video on demand, localization, mastering and distribution. All this coupled with the best in-house expertise in the industry – specialists who leverage our innovative and flexible technology solutions.

With over 80,000 VOD deliveries per month and more than 99% proven accuracy and timeliness, you can rely on Vubiquity’s expert team to efficiently process and distribute your film and television content in superior quality. Our preferred partner status with the world’s leading digital download and streaming platforms (including Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Hulu, Disney+ and Max) helps you maximize monetization opportunities.

Leverage our automated Media Supply Chain processes for scalable, on-time packaging and delivery. Our content engineering team works with industry partners and Vubiquity technology to find the right mix of capability, quality and price to meet your project needs. Let us manage your entire VOD packaging and delivery workflow, so your teams can focus on high-level value tasks and create compelling content.

Vubiquity’s Emmy® award-winning platforms and AI/ML technologies bring quality, simplicity and speed, eliminating the stress from tight delivery deadlines and volume peaks. Our automated processes include available conformance, ad-insert location candidates, and componentization on ingest so that assets (including audio, video, timed text, textless files…) can be seamlessly re-assembled on output. Vubiquity’s services scale as your business does, empowering you to deliver the best experience for your consumers.

Vubiquity’s packaging and delivery services leverage the Vubiquity Media Suite – a full range of flexible, modular components underpinned by advanced technology and AI, including simplified order management integration and reporting dashboards to monitor your titles.