Maximize your monetization opportunities with best-in-class technology and expertise.

In an era marked by OTT D2C disruption and cord-cutting, Vubiquity delivers a unique suite of products designed to assist broadband, wireless, and content providers in growing, retaining, and monetizing their captive audience. Our subscription marketplace for super-aggregation of digital services, along with innovative ad-supported distribution models, introduce new opportunities for resellers and distributors to increase the value of their subscriber base.

Our cloud-native subscription marketplace enables rapid launch, management and monetization of OTT and digital consumer services (including video, games and more), giving users access to multiple subscriptions and services through a single user interface. Only Vubiquity has proven know-how and experience with super-aggregation to enable monetization across your content and third-party subscription services. You can now reduce churn and increase ARPU with Vubiquity’s subscription management solutions.

Let us simplify your monetization processes with our ads, royalties and revenue reporting. We deliver detailed information on ad sales and ad insertion, monthly revenue reporting for all rentals and buys on transactional (TVOD/EST) services and the associated royalty calculations and settlements to studios. Our reports also provide revenue and participation calculations across all FAST channels and AVOD packages, as well as settlements of advertising revenue share to relevant participants.

Benefit from Vubiquity’s deep expertise: our extensive industry knowledge and best-in-market technology will help you maximize your monetization opportunities and make the most of your core offerings. Leverage our full suite of media services and increase operational efficiencies by combining your content licensing, access and curation, monetization and consumer experiences with a single provider.

Vubiquity’s monetization services leverage the Vubiquity Entertainment Suite – a full range of flexible and modular solution services for content, user and subscription management, experience design and service presentation, including reporting dashboards to monitor your service and content performance.