DPP: The Integration Opportunity

It is far from newsworthy in 2022 to report that the professional media industry runs increasingly on software, IP networks, and the cloud.

It is well understood that this transition – from hardware devices connected by coaxial cables, to microservices and APIs – offers a range of benefits.

When one dives deeper however, the process of constructing workflows from all these tools reveals a great deal of complexity, challenge, opportunity, and innovation. Creating seamless workflows means connecting data from different systems and sources, building automations that span multiple vendors, creating user interfaces that aggregate functionality, and much more.

And integration goes well beyond simply making one software tool talk to another. These foundations allow media companies to turn their attention towards integrating data to gain greater business insight.

From there, access to the right data, tools, and workflows becomes a key enabler for true business transformation. Such transformation is central to today’s thinking, as the direct to consumer revolution causes companies to structure themselves to build closer relationships with audiences, maximise value from their content, and build true business agility.

So just how transformational can integration be? How can the foundations of software and data connection enable greater efficiency and new business opportunities? We spoke to 60 business and technology experts from a wide range of DPP member companies to find out.

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