zOld – Content Cloud

Curated and hosted content ready for global consumption

Our innovative Content Cloud is API-driven allowing video service providers instant access to ready-to-use content catalogs from major and indie studios, across multiple territories. Delivering to any online video platform (OVP) or multi-screen end user it readily supports any business model allowing the monetization of pre-processed VOD assets and CableLabs compliant metadata. Future-forward, the platform will enable service providers to auto-ingest content from 3rd-party suppliers.

Content Cloud hosts licensed, processed ready-to-distribute content, thereby speeding your time to market, quickly driving VOD OTT service launches and market growth, or enhancing existing entertainment offerings. It can reduce your operating costs and capital expenditure by mitigating VOD processing and the complexity of scalable storage and CDN Origin server.

Content Cloud is both future proof and versatile. It can be deployed as an end-to-end OTT media stack solution together with Front-End App on multi-screens and CDN, or integrated into a service provider’s existing network, and easily integrates with 3rd party OVPs. It’s an effective and efficient solution to cross-platform content delivery. Content Cloud components are not implemented as discretely defined systems or appliances, so there’s nothing for clients to maintain on premise. It can also evolve rapidly to handle new services, new business/monetization models (EST, TVOD, SVOD, etc.), and new types of end-devices, without disruption.

Optimize performance by leveraging advanced analytics and business intelligence to gain key insights into consumer behaviors and content trends, as well as platform, system and operational metrics.

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