Press Start: Video Game Localization Goes Beyond Translation

By Eric Carson, EVP Strategic Growth In an increasingly globalized world, the video game industry stands as a testament to the power of interconnected entertainment. However, reaching a diverse audience requires more than just translating text; it demands a comprehensive localization strategy that considers cultural nuances, gameplay mechanics, and user interface elements. Proper video game […]

Why Elevated Metadata is the Foundation of the AI-Powered Media Supply Chain

By Eric Carson, EVP Strategic Growth Metadata is fundamental to creating an exceptional viewer experience, but for all that can be achieved with enriched and comprehensive metadata, attaining that level of detail remains a challenge. At its fullest potential, metadata enables discoverability and personalization. It facilitates accurate distribution, giving audiences high-quality content formatted for their […]

The Art of Implementing Responsible and Effective GenAI & Automation Across Your Media Supply Chain

By Raman Abrol (CEO, Vubiquity and GM, Amdocs Media) Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), the modern elixir of our digital age, is offering promises of instant transformation, hyper-personalization and untapped creative potential. But like any new technology, questions abound around trust, reliability, reality, and how organizations can realize its full potential. Here at Vubiquity, we have […]

Reaching Global Audiences Through AI-Enhanced Localization

In the dynamic landscape of global entertainment, delivering diverse content through accessible and relatable formats is not just good business — it’s essential. The rise of streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ has ignited an irreversible trend for exceptional localized content. But with a global audience comes a vast array of cultural […]

What’s Next for Streaming: The Union of Content, Advertising, and Interactive Experiences

By Raman Abrol, Chief Executive Officer, Vubiquity & General Manager, Amdocs Media Is the streaming space starting to feel a little too familiar? While streaming platforms initially promised ad-free, cost-conscious entertainment as an alternative to cable, more and more platforms are going the ad-based route, bundling with wireless providers, and more. As a result, it’s […]

M+E Journal: Using Cloud-Based Content Delivery to Keep Pace with Modern-Day Streaming

By Chris Bardsley, Solution Designer, Vubiquity ABSTRACT: Streaming content has increased in recent years as a general trend, accelerated with the pandemic. Some content is now available in line with theaters or very soon after. This brings additional challenges for the studios and operators to keep up with the demands of content protection and appropriate […]

Walking the Talk of Inclusivity

As the market and regulatory environment demand that our industry meets the needs of individuals who use audio description or closed captions to enjoy movies and TV shows, one would hope we’d have strong representation of these very communities in our professional ranks. In reality, there is significant room for improvement. Deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind, visually […]

Should the Cloud be Considered as Technology’s Mount Everest?

Recent headlines document numerous companies’ about-face in their pursuit of a cloud-focused existence. After enthusiastically embracing the cloud, akin to the charge of the light brigade, some organizations are aggressively retreating to the relative security and familiarity of on-premises data centers that offer a greater sense of infrastructure control. Without judging any business pursuing this […]

Riding the Wave of Shifting Consumer Behaviors:

The media industry has undergone a radical transformation in recent years, driven primarily by digital media growth and the widespread adoption of mobile devices. This transformation has impacted conventional modes of content consumption, causing ripple effects on consumer behavior and business operations. Businesses increasingly promote content targeted to specific demographics and monitor the efficacy of […]

Branding & Promoting your FAST Channel: 5 Secrets for Maximum Results

As the name suggests, FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television) channels involve viewers watching free content supported by advertisements. The popularity of FAST is surging for numerous reasons. Firstly, it’s free and it doesn’t require a subscription commitment, cable or satellite equipment. Moreover, it offers diversified content choices for nearly any viewer segment, whether mainstream or […]