DPP: Delivering Seamless Integration

In The Integration Opportunity report we identified that media companies are increasingly reliant on integration capabilities to deliver their business goals.

Some of the key findings included:

  • The seamless integration of software applications delivers effective and efficient end to end workflows.
  • The integration and aggregation of data sources can uncover new business and operational insights.
  • A flexible, composable approach enables companies to respond more quickly to changing context, unexpected threats, and new business opportunities.

So how, then, can these benefits be delivered?

In this report, we’ve taken input from 60 experts in the DPP membership to find out. It does not seek to be a detailed software engineering guide to integration methodologies, as there are plenty of existing rich sources for such information. Rather, it offers a necessary bridge between the strategic objectives identified in The Integration Opportunity report, and the practical realities of implementation for media companies.

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