Originally published on Built In Los Angeles

Meet LA’s Top 100 tech companies: Employee count up 24 percent in 2017

For the past decade, Los Angeles has gone from a fledgling startup scene to one of the world’s fastest-growing tech ecosystems. This year, the 100 biggest tech companies in Los Angeles and Orange Counties reported having more than 48,000 employees: a 24 percent jump from last year.

Innovation on full display

Nineteen of Los Angeles’ top 100 tech employers were launched in the past five years, following in the footsteps of local success stories like Dollar Shave Club and Snap. The list’s youngest company, OceanX, which was founded just last year, clocked in at an impressive 258 employees.

More money, more hiring

Los Angeles tech startups raised more than $4 billion in 2016, directing a solid portion of those funds toward talent acquisition. Age of Learning, Hyperloop One, SpaceX, Scopely and ServiceTitan, who collectively have raised $855 million in funding since January 2016, added more than 1,310 positions this year. Combined, these five companies employ more than 6,000 Angelenos.

Onward and upward

A number of companies who made this list in 2016 made big jumps this year. Google added 600 employees over the last 12 months, while OpenX and Fandango grew by 140 and 135 employees, respectively. Hyperloop One saw its team grow from 147 employees to 257, earning the 60th spot on this year’s list.

Becoming a tech magnet

While this year’s list is still dominated by companies born and raised in LA and Orange Counties, a number of out-of-town tech giants have made big pushes in Southern California. Bay Area megaliths Houzz and Facebook both finished high on the list, as did Chicago company Guaranteed Rate. New York-headquartered SapientRazorfish, DEFY Media and BuzzFeed also grew their presence in Southern California over the last several years.