Entertainment Suite

Our Entertainment Suite offers consumers any type of content on any device all from one interface

Our robust solution, combining pre-onboarded global and regional OTTs with a full suite content offering, has been specifically designed for content providers, telcos and CTV operators to launch or supplement an existing OTT streaming service with a lower cost of provision.

We provide a modular offering covering content acquisition, delivery, monetization and consumption which allows the operator to choose specific components or the entire OTT service. All content categories can be offered as a service: Ad-supported VOD, FAST, SVOD, TVOD, and D2C.

Our solution brings together subscription management, operator identity management, seamless OTT partner onboarding and a white labelled app/launcher for an engaging user experience.

Entertainment Suite provides a unique gateway for both telcos and content providers to reach a wider audience. Content providers can differentiate themselves in a crowded market and increase their reach and growth exponentially by partnering with telcos. In turn, telcos are provided with an opportunity to acquire new customers and engage the consumer directly with a bundled TV and comprehensive OTT partner offering while removing onboarding, discovery and payment friction, thereby reducing churn.

Our fully-managed, curated service provides deep consumer insight, to increase engagement and deliver a personalized consumer experience, helping to grow new revenue streams with added stickiness.

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