DPP: Integration Expertise

The Integration Opportunity report examined the potential benefits of integrating applications, data, and organisational silos. And the Delivering Seamless Integration report explored common architectures for integration. In this report, we investigate one of the most important questions: who is best placed to deliver successful integration? Also, are the vendors of software tools best placed to […]

DPP: The Integration Opportunity

It is far from newsworthy in 2022 to report that the professional media industry runs increasingly on software, IP networks, and the cloud. It is well understood that this transition – from hardware devices connected by coaxial cables, to microservices and APIs – offers a range of benefits. When one dives deeper however, the process […]

DPP: Delivering Seamless Integration

In The Integration Opportunity report we identified that media companies are increasingly reliant on integration capabilities to deliver their business goals. Some of the key findings included: The seamless integration of software applications delivers effective and efficient end to end workflows. The integration and aggregation of data sources can uncover new business and operational insights. […]